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Your aviation ground class is only a few clicks away. Go interactive, engaging & personalized with the Pilot Proficiency Network Virtual Aviation Classrooms. A virtual classroom is a video conferencing session where the instructor and students engage with each other and the learning material. The difference with other video conferencing like webinars is that virtual classrooms offer added features essential to a learning environment and are limited to small groups of no more than 25 students. A virtual classroom helps you to have the learning experience interactive and engaging.

You can connect to PPN Virtual Aviation Classroom from any device that can connect to the Internet. This flexibility enables you to learn regardless of your global location.

Classes available:

Aviation Weather 101 (coming soon)

"Uneven heating of the earth" – what does it all mean? As the weather and climate change, it is a great time to focus on how that affects our flying. To that end, Radek is presenting Weather 101 (aka "Weather for Dummies.") He breaks down complex concepts in simple terms you can understand without a degree in meteorology. What you will learn, you will be able to apply for practical purposes in your aviation activities.

Airspace 101

Class B, C, D, E, and G airspace segments have different weather minimums in the United States, which is easier to understand than you think. There are a lot of regulations to allow pilots flexibility while flying at different speeds, altitudes, and ATC environments, but you don’t need to memorize them at all. Radek will explain complex airspace segments in a way you will not need to try to cite every cloud clearance and visibility requirement from memory.

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