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Thank you for being a valuable NAFI member and showing commitment to excellence in flight training! 

PPN will give you a discount of $100 and a FREE print copy of "Becoming A CFI" by Radek Wyrzykowski as a thank you for being a NAFI member.

Why Become a PPN Chapter?

Are you looking to increase activity around your airport? Do you want to help your fellow pilot friends?

PPN provides you with the perfect forum! This program was established to create a community of pilots who share information by fostering comradery to promote safety and build proficiency.

The PPN concept is to bring together IFR-rated pilots who fly in real-world “actual IMC” and those who don’t and provide them an opportunity to share stories, network with the broader pilot community, and together practice their critical decision-making process.

As a Chapter President, you would organize and provide a location for regularly scheduled meetings, bringing local pilots and aviation enthusiasts to your site. It is done through mutual marketing and recognition by our network.

PPN meetings provide a forum for promoting participation and discussion by sharing real experiences through our PPN network while fostering proficiency through real-life experience for pilots everywhere.

Safer pilots, safer skies, and safer flying! PPN is the only genuine and honest program dedicated to face-to-face networking and sharing of tips and techniques.

For more information, you can always contact me directly. My calendar is always open for you.

Radek Wyrzykowski

Attaining PPN Group Status:

  • Arrange for a meeting place like a conference or briefing room at the airport, large enough to accommodate your participants,
  • Receive your NAFI discount code by following this link HERE!
  • Submit your Chapter application by following the signup process,

  • Watch the online training video for program leaders.

FREE print copy of "Becoming A CFI"

($19.99 - value)

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